Web programming

Encodi offers services related on last generation web page creation, includeing all the steps from the desig to the publication and promotion since 2007. Although we have experience about web programming since 1997.

How do we do it?

Encodi divide the website develope in 4 phases related but distinct:

  • Graphic design
  • Layout (conversion of the design to a code called HTML and CSS that browsers can interpret)
  • Programming (allowing the user to interact with the web, manage content, images, etc.)
  • Publication and promotion (optimization for search engine optimization, social networking, etc.)

Encodi specialty is programming, although we surround ourselves with the best professionals to offer the best product for each customer in all areas of the web.

Graphic design

At the time when the graphic design is our responsability, in Encodi we choose the best designers for each type of project. From here, we will meet with the client and designer to develop the best strategy for the project.

Despite the popularity of templates and predefined Encodi we opte to make unique designs for the following reasons:

  • Custom design is the best way to integrate the web to customer needs.
  • Each company is unique and different, so each site must be unique and different.
  • We want to impress our visitors from the first moment.
  • We like to do things as well done as possible.

Web layout

The layout is the part that converts the graphic design to code (HTML and CSS) because browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) can understand to know what to display on the screen.

All code generated by Encodi is validated according to W3C standards, guaranteeing that meets all standards and look good on all computers.


Programming is what allows to interact with the web. Thanks to the programming content may vary dynamically, our clients can add and edit content easily and promptly. It will also allow visitors can leave comments, send messages and endless options.

The programming language 95% of the websites are made in PHP. Most websites are made through platforms that streamline these tasks. The most popular are Wordpress and Drupal that if the web is not very complicated are very suitable. Encodi also uses in certain cases the Symfony framework. Symfony is ideal for programming websites and applications with are very specific and customized functionality.

Publication and promotion

Once published the web is important to make it visible to the most people as possible.

Encodi worries that the website is properly programmed so that it is well positioned on search engines (called SEO). But it also offers services tracking and implementing techniques to go climbing positions in search engines.

Currently presence in social networks like Facebook or Twitter is very important. Encodi, also offers Comunity Manager services to ensure the presence of the web to networks.